thought I wanted to be an opera singer in college. I loved standing on a stage and making people laugh (yes... opera can be very funny). And I would love to tell you I had some deep, meaningful reason to pick up a camera but the truth is I wanted to get a boy's attention. Embarrassing, I know.

Turns out that love for joyful moments found a home in photography.  And spoiler alert: I got that boy's attention and he asked me to be his wife! The most wonderful surprise along the way has been discovering my ability to help women feel more confident and beautiful through photography. I can do that for YOU! 

I see you over there looking for a photographer and wanting the run the other direction at the same time. Being in front of the camera is a scary thing for a lot of people, including me! 

Sometimes it is even tempting to hide from the camera, but I promise you this... you will never regret having more memories captured on camera. It is your turn to feel beautiful and have fun along the way. 

Obsession alert: the TV show Friends. I have watched an episode of Friends almost every day for about ten years. I watch it as I go to sleep. That hunky guy in my photos is Nick and he had NEVER watched friends before we got together. As I am clearly obsessed , that needed to change. I always joke that there is an episode of Friends for everything and photos are no exception! 

There is an episode where Monica and Chandler get photos together. Chandler has this adorable happy smile UNTIL the camera is picked up. Immediately, he morphs in to this stiff unrecognizable character. Could that BE any more relatable?! 

Don't worry, I will not let you be a Chandler!  I am going to help you actually HAVE FUN while we get beautiful images. 

Sometimes Monica Geller, other times Chandler Bing. 

Wedding & Portrait Photographers

The not-so-polished moments...

Ethan and I absolutely LOVE Michelle's photos of our special day!

Her photography skills mixed with her down to earth attitude and hilarious sense of humor is a combination that made our wedding day brighter and more memorable. She was supportive and provided expert guidance leading up to and during the wedding. We cannot be happier with our decision to hire Franzetti Photography and would recommend Michelle's services to anyone!

Ethan & Vanessa






Italy. pasta, opera, and the origin of the Franzetti's


The tulip fields of Holland


Copenhagen, one of the most bikeable cities in the world


Glacier National Park




I am a woman and I know what it is like to struggle to feel beautiful. When I get to take a photo that shows a woman in a truly joyful moment, I feel like I am on cloud-nine. There is NOTHING like getting to help someone see how beautiful they really  are. 

Whether is be a bride on her wedding day,  a mom with her family, or a gal of any age in a boudoir session, helping other women feel confident is the thing that sets my heart on fire. 


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