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Time for sidekick number 3 of my five favorite side hustle sidekicks! If you missed part one or two, check it out! I’m sharing some of my favorite tools that help me live that hustle life while dream chasing!

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Hey fellow hustlers! I do not know about you, but sometimes I just need motivation more than anything! Well… I guess more money would always be nice too. 

Enter: Jenna Kutcher. I am a fan of Jenna all the way around. She started working that corporate life for TARGET, then become an epic photographer, and now gets to inspire other people to chase all sorts of dreams. She loves yoga pants, rocks her curves, adores mac and cheese, and has rescue dogs!! I am sure you can see why I am basically obsessed with her. I am also fully obsessed with podcasts. I feel like you can barely have a conversation with me without hearing a reference to some podcast I have heard long the way. So combine Jenna + podcast and I am all about it!! 

You can’t make everyone happy. You are not Nutella.

— Jenna Kutcher
 Her instagram is dreamy! Check it out at

Her instagram is dreamy! Check it out at

I’ve attended Jenna’s webinars and even purchased The Instagram Lab course she offers. And then about two months ago I found her Podcast! This is going to sound a little weird… but I actually typically prefer podcasts that are hosted by men. Something about the voice is more soothing to me so I steered clear of lady hosts with the exception of Strangers by Lea Thau. I decided to give Jenna’s podcast a go and loved it! 

Each week, two episodes are typically posted. They range in content from marketing, business management, law, finances, and epic stories from other lady bosses. I enjoy them while walking to work or biking to meetings. They give me a way to get my head in the game, learn,  and my favorite part is they expose to me other AWESOME professionals. Each episode typically comes with show notes that include a helpful tool based on the show itself. The inspiration cycle continues! For example, one episode talks about ways to make sure you are running legally and protect yourself. The show notes include a checklist to help you see where you stand and decide if you should take some additional steps. Of course, all of this is FREE! That episode is linked below and I HIGHLY recommend it. 

So take some time for yourself and go for a walk with the dog and get inspired as you learn a little too! I totally have a bucket list DREAM GOAL to be on her show one day!!!

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To get started, here are 5 of my favorite episodes so far: 

Go get inspired and let me know some of your favorite podcasts! 

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