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Ashton wrote to me and said her husband tells her she is beautiful, but she did not sound so sure that she believed him. She hoped a session like this would boost her confidence. I wanted to write back to her and tell her that this session would solve all of her problems, but we all know that really is not true. So, I wrote back to her honestly. 

“Hi Ashton! 

First off, your husband rocks! I am glad he reminds you how beautiful you are! I have worked with many plus-sized babes and we had a great time!! These sessions are fun for sure, but you have to come in with some self-love. If you are ready to see something you hate, you will. BUT, if you are ready to embrace the things you love we will have a BLAST!!!!! “

I was so afraid I would scare her away with those words, but I knew they were true. If you are 100% convinced that you hate yourself, there is NO posing or wardrobe in the world that can change that in a day. Good news! Ashton replied simply with, “How do I sign up?” She was ready to embrace the things she loved about herself and we did indeed have a blast! 

Ashton had a friend who also had signed up for a session in the same weekend and her name was Emma. Emma had messaged me BEFORE our session and told me I could share her photos which is pretty sweet. When Ashton and I talked about this, Ashton told me how beautiful Emma was and basically said it made sense for someone who looked like Emma to be confident about sharing her photos. (You can see Emma’s photos here. She is gorgeous for sure.) Ashton and I made no conversation about her sharing her own photos. I typically do not ask gals if I can share unless they talk to me first about it. 

And when I sent Ashton sneak peaks of her photos… SHE ASKED ME HOW SHE CAN GIVE PERMISSION TO SHARE THEM! Guys… that is super huge. Not only did she love the photos for herself, she could see that she looked so dang good that other people could see the photos too!! So, here they are for you to see!! Make sure you stop by the comments section at the end of the post and tell Ashton what a babe she is!!! 

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  1. Miranda says:

    Absolute BABE!

  2. Jennifer Rowe says:

    Would like to schedule a boudoir session.

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