The Perfect Boudoir Babe

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Taking your clothes off in front of people is uncomfortable (unless you are well-rehearsed which is a different blog post topic entirely). Getting in front of a camera fully clothed can be stressful! When you combine the two… LOOK OUT. So, what do you think you need to rock a boudoir session and become an FP Boudoir Babe? I can tell you most ladies think they need three things: 

  • Mountains of Confidence 
  • Very Expensive Lingerie (a lots of it)
  • The Perfect Body

Mountains of Confidence

Guys… I have gotten to photograph some smokin’ hotties. They walk in and basically every single thing on their body looks too perfect to be real life. If I looked like them, I would probably go to the mall (if we are being really honest… more likely it would be Target) every day in heels and a pearl necklace. Yup, that is it. I always use to say God made me chubby so I would not become a skank. So, you would think these girls are slam dunks and walk in READY to work it. 

Nope. Almost never. 

These KNOCKOUTS walk in thinking about the areas of their body they see flaws in. They walk in thinking about what their body looked like 5, 10, or 15 years ago. They walk in like every single girl with every single body type walks in…nervous excited. All my boudoir babes are nervous because it is hard to be 100% confident no matter what you look like and they are EXCITED because they know I will take care of them. 

Very Expensive Lingerie

When you sign up for a session with me, I send you a lingerie guide I have made for my gals to help them pick things out that will flatter their shape. To be honest, I was pretty clueless about lingerie before I started doing this. Now, if the Garter Attacher Woman of The Year Award existed, I would at least be a finalist. The lingerie guide talks you through the basics and makes some suggestions on items to bring that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Almost everyone looks at this guide and feels like they need it ALL. But, you do not. Two or three outfits with some variation will lead to a gallery FULL of images that show off all sides of your personality and beauty. Some of my all time favorite photos have been in a hoodie, t-shirt, or football jersey! 

Scroll down and check out some of the photos of Brandi. She is the gal who will be at your session ROCKING you hair and makeup. She has a gift for makeup AND making each girl feel comfortable when they arrive for a session. During our last session together, we got to use our talents on her and it was too much fun. Brandi is beautiful. You will look at these photos and think, “GOSH that gal has it going on.” But, Brandi is on a journey too. She has lost over 70 pounds!!!! Make sure you leave a comment and tell her how amazing she is because that is incredible. Incase you are curious, she has lost the equivalent of 37,500 M&Ms or 100 cans of beer. Round of applause, please! 

Let’s talk about what she is wearing for this shoot. That beautiful ruffled lavender piece? That romper teddy is available on Amazing for about $20.  The maroon body suite is a $30 piece from Express. The blue button-up shirt belongs to the very lucky guy about to marry her and the veil is for the wedding. Yup, add a few panties and that is about it! We also dolled her up a little with a fresh flower crown made by a friend of mine (she can make you one too!!). Oh, and how can I forget her adorable “Wifey” sweatshirt also purchased from Amazon!! Scroll down to find the links to these items;) 

The Perfect Body

If you have not guessed it by now, nobody has the perfect body. Girls with a perfect big booty think their tushy to too cushy. Big boobies want to be perkier boobies and perky tiny tots wish they had giant boobies so they could enter rooms boob-first. Stretch marks make everyone nervous. Cellulite is reality. Nobody has a “flawless” body but guess what… I am not going to ask you to slouch over naked, tuck your chin to your chest, and photography you directly from the side. I am also not going to photoshop your waist to be five sizes smaller than reality. 

We are going to find poses that flatter your natural shape. It sounds weird, but I spend time RESEARCHING this stuff! Yup, I am not just a pretty face who bought a camera. If there is one thing I have learned about photography it is you are never done learning. I watch videos and read books about posing women. I study other photographers. Sounds strange, but it works! Between the right outfits and the right poses, I know I can help any woman see her beauty. 

Why do I care? 

“So, you just take pictures of girls in their underwear!?” 

I get that one a lot. And the easy answer is, “YUP!” The real answer is so much more. I get to be a woman’s cheerleader. I get to cheer them on as we shoot and then deliver excitement! We have received a lot of messages from women thanking Brandi and I for helping them feel so beautiful. Each one of those makes us feel so special. This past session came with a whole new blessing when I received a message from a client’s husband. He wrote to me and thanked me for helping his wife see how amazing she is. GUYS!!!!!! Who would not want to be part of that?! Who would not want to be part of making a woman feel smokin’?! 

You are ready to become an FP Boudoir Babe!! You are ready for a giant boost in your self-esteem. You are SUPER ready to come let Brandi and I pamper you. Let’s do it!  

Hair & Makeup by Brandi Rae Poteet

Flower Crown: Jai Hamilton

Venue: 21c Hotel Lexington

Express One Eleven Deep V-Neck Thong Bodysuit $29.00

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  1. Carmen says:

    Wow these photos are da bomb! She looks so gorgeous. Great job Michelle!!!

  2. Sara Nicholson says:

    Great post Michelle, your work is incredible!!! Brandi you look georgeous!!

  3. Katie Pridemore says:

    Love this post! Also Brandi is stunning.

  4. Sarah says:

    Michelle these are amazing photographs! And your model is a goddess!!

  5. Amanda says:

    The flower crown made for a nice touch!

  6. Mylah Renae says:

    One of the best things about boudoir sessions is the amount of CONFIDENCE a women who has just had one walks away with! Love the bridal ones!

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