Glamorous Inside & Out at Jacobson Park

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Brandi and I have technically known each other for a long time, but have reconnected in the past few months. Her sister and I were in drumline together in high school and at some point we connected on facebook. Flash forward several years and I was ready to do my first boudoir shoot, but I knew I needed to perfect partner because anyone who knows me also knows you would NOT want me doing your makeup! 

Brandi popped into my head immediately. Not only is she a freakin’ rockstar at hair and makeup, I had watched her on a journey to get healthy and find more love for herself. I just had this feeling that she would be perfect and I was not disappointed. Brandi has a way of making each girl feel comfortable while listening to her to make sure the hair and makeup fit her style perfectly. I have hired her for my own wedding and cannot wait to do more boudoir shoots with her. She is also part of the FP tribe and gives all of my wedding clients a little discount on her already amazing prices. 

I was SUPER pumped when Brandi reached out to me to be her wedding photographer. Brandi is beautiful inside and out. She is engaged to Casey and they have been together for 5 years. Casey is a cool stoic guy with an awesome beard and we are going to have to make sure the beard does not steal the show;) 

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  1. Amanda says:

    Great post for a gorgeous couple!

  2. Mylah Renae says:

    What a beautiful session! Her hair is perfect and I love her lipstick color!

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