How To Gift Your Boudoir Images On Your Wedding Day

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You have had your amazing bridal boudoir session and now you have to decide how to give it to your partner! Wedding days already feel very packed with “events” so it might feel like a big task to add another. Let’s go through a few options! 

Gift on the wedding day or the night before? 

The biggest question most people have is WHEN to gift your boudoir gift. If your partner is very shy, the night before could be a great option. However, gifting on the wedding day has a BIG benefit! 

When you choose to give your partner your gift on your wedding day, your wedding photographer and videographer can capture their reaction! Having that reaction captured is something that is going to make you feel like a bombshell for years and years to come. You have already invested in hiring these amazing professionals to document your wedding day. Make the most of it and have this memory documented as well! 

Privacy being a concern is totally understandable. Be sure to communicate with your wedding photographer or planner and they will be sure your gift is opened in privacy without family members or the wedding party present. 

How to give boudoir photos as a gift. 

There are a lot of fun ways to tell your partner/show them your boudoir session before or on your wedding day! 

Boudoir album featuring your wedding shoot. 

An album is my ultimate favorite product for displaying boudoir photos. High-quality albums will last for decades and decades. They can be discreet with solid linen or leather covers or include small embellishments like a name, initials, or date on the front. Albums will display your boudoir photos beautifully and will become your go-to on days you are not feeling so hot about yourself. Or when you are 75 and want to force your grandkids to see how good your butt looked 😉 

Get creative with texts! 

If your boudoir collection included digitals, you can have some fun with them through texts! You could do a 5-10 countdown and send your partner a message and photo each morning leading up to the wedding or during the honeymoon. You could send just one on the morning of the wedding day. There are a whole bunch of ways to have fun with your images as text surprises! 

A framed print might be the perfect elegant solution.

Maybe you are feeling a little iffy about having your entire boudoir album on-site the day of your wedding with so many friends and family around. While it is very unlikely anyone is going to dig through your things to find it, you have other options if the album would make you nervous. 

Consider having one of your favorite images printed and framed for the gift your partner opens on the wedding day. Then you can gift the full album at a later time privately. 

A bonus idea for your bridal boudoir wardrobe!

After your bridal boudoir session, wrap up your lingerie pieces like gifts. After your wedding either on your honeymoon or back at home, let your partner pick a gift to unwrap each day or week. You are going to feel so good when you put these items back on after seeing them in your photos and this makes a fun activity for the both of you using pieces you already have! 

This is going to be a gift both of you remember forever! 

If you are ready for more gift inspiration, join in on the fun in the Franz with Benefits Facebook group.

Check out this groom’s reaction to his gift on their wedding day!

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  1. Sarah says:

    You are the absolute best at what you do. Our brides are so lucky to have you right here in Kentucky!

  2. Lizabeth says:

    I didn’t have these images taken for a wedding (wishing I had though!) but I was just as nervous/excited to present them to my partner. His reaction was above and beyond my expectations, and honestly I think I look through my book more than he does

  3. I was looking for inspiration on boudoir photography, and wow – your work is amazing. We are in SC and I’m not sure how I found your page, but it’s beautiful.

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