Why You Need Bridal Boudoir Before Your Wedding Day

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Bridal boudoir can boost your confidence before the wedding. 

For many of my wedding clients, the most nerve-wracking part of the day is having everyone looking at them. It can feel like a lot of pressure to look and feel your best, especially since you have invested in photography and videography. I always tell my wedding clients this… 

“If I can help you feel confident in your underwear, imagine how easy it will be to feel confident in a wedding dress!” 

You deserve to feel your very best on your wedding day and a boudoir session might be one great step to making that happen! I specialize in weddings and boudoir. I love getting to go through both of these experiences with my clients! 

A boudoir session can be a great reason to take a break from wedding planning. 

Wedding planning is exciting but can certainly feel overwhelming at times. It is easy to feel like you should always be busy doing something for your wedding when you have time off from work. You spend time and energy thinking about your family, your friends, and your partner and constantly trying to keep their needs in mind. When you book and plan a bridal boudoir session, you only have to think about yourself! 

A boudoir experience is entirely about YOU! You get to shop for yourself, come to the studio and get pampered by the hair and makeup team, and choose photos that make you feel on top of the world! It is a whole day dedicated to making you feel good and everyone involved is there to serve you in that goal! 

A boudoir album makes an excellent wedding gift! 

Many couples like to exchange a gift on the morning of their wedding. Turning your boudoir session into an album not only gives you a tangible keepsake of your day, but it makes for a great wedding day gift! 

With a little coordination with your wedding planner or your photographer, you can ensure the gift is opened in privacy without the wedding party or family members around. My favorite part if your wedding photographer and videographer can capture your partner’s reaction when they see it for the first time! That is a moment I know will make you feel like a 10/10 for years to come! 

Gifts on the wedding day are certainly an optional tradition, but why not use it as an excuse to go for it? 

A wedding boudoir session is a great excuse to actually use the lingerie you were gifted! 

When else in your life will a bunch of friends buy you lingerie? Often, bachelorette parties include gifting some spicier items like lingerie and this can be a great way to find out what styles you love. Lingerie can be one of the most intimidating parts of a boudoir experience. A professional boudoir photographer will be able to guide you through choosing what lingerie is best for you and many also offer a studio wardrobe (internal link). 

Be sure to bring a least a few of your own lingerie pieces to your session because you are going to want to recreate the magic, I promise! 

Bonus: plan on surprising your partner by wearing one of the pieces you wore in your boudoir session the night of the wedding or on your honeymoon. 

Take advantage of the work you have done leading up to your wedding day. 

The most important thing I want you to hear first: absolutely nothing about you has to change for you to have a great wedding day or a great boudoir session. 

Many people leading up to their wedding day like to concentrate on eating well, taking great care of their skin and hair, and getting in some extra workouts to feel strong and confident. If you have decided this is something you want as part of your wedding planning journey, cash in on it for a bridal boudoir session as well! 

Book your bridal boudoir session.

While planning your wedding experiences such as your wedding shower and bachelorette party, decide the best time for your boudoir experience to happen. Try to reach out to your boudoir photographer to book a session as soon as possible. Every photographer is different, but most will recommend booking a session at least a month before you need your products. Many photographers book up several months in advance so make this a priority as soon as you decide it is a good fit for you! 
Ready to book a session with me? Let’s chat and get the ball rolling.

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