What To Wear for Your Bridal Boudoir Session

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Boudoir can be such a fun experience before your wedding day. With all the planning you have been doing for the wedding, it might feel like a big task to also plan what to wear for your shoot. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing! 

White lingerie is a great choice for a bridal feel in a boudoir session. 

The obvious choice is snagging a few great pieces of white lingerie. This will immediately give a session a more “bridal” vibe. Some of my lighter-skinned clients worry about feeling washed out by white clothing but this is rarely the case. You can go as spicy or as sweet as you would like with this option. There is also a wide range of investment levels to choose from. Don’t forget to consider some non-traditional options like a cozy white sweater! 

Budget-friendly options: 
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Luxury options:
Honey Birdette
Playful Promises

Include wedding jewelry or your veil in your boudoir session. 

It is a ton of fun to include pieces of jewelry or items that are important to you in a session. You can choose to incorporate some of your wedding day items as well including earrings, shoes, and of course your veil!! 

Veils are a blast to play with during a bridal boudoir session and on the wedding day! Veils are not a good fit for everyone, but if you are on the fence about if you want to wear one or not, my vote is always, “yes!” I have had several clients who decided not to wear a veil for their wedding day and still wanted to use one in their bridal boudoir session. There are not rules! You get to do whatever makes you happy in your boudoir session and on your wedding day! 

Bring an item that belongs to your partner or shows off their passion to feature in your bridal boudoir session. 

There are lots of ways to give a cute little nod to your partner in your images. Here are a few common items that might be a good fit for your wedding boudoir session: 

  • A piece of clothing your partner will wear on the wedding day such as a button-up shirt or a tie. 
  • A piece of a uniform that they wear every day. This is a super popular option for careers like fire, police, military, and pilots. Of course, we want to be respectful of the rules that go along with these uniforms, but there are many ways to get creative and give a shoutout to the profession your partner loves. 
  • Bring an item that really shows off their personality such as a t-shirt of a band or movie they really love. 
  • Consider using an item that shows off a hobby they love such as a guitar, golf club, cooking utensil, or sports jersey. I am not a huge fan of props but if you carefully select one prop that is important to you or your partner, it can be a fun addition to your session! 

Make something special and unique to you for your wedding session! 

There are lots of options for personalized clothing and jewelry available! You can do a custom necklace, bracelet, or another piece of jewelry. Consider personalizing an item of clothing celebrating your wedding date, an inside joke between you and your partner, or showing off your new name if you are choosing to change your name when you get married.

Or perhaps you shouldn’t wear anything for your boudoir session! 

Hear me out! A session with just a white sheet can be SO beautiful, romantic, and just the right amount of spicy. The images can be as revealing or as covered up as you want them to be. After all… boudoir is all about YOU, not what you are wearing. 

A few things to consider when adding some sheet photos to your session:

  • While you can decide to keep anything hidden in the images, the photographer will likely see everything. Think through if you are comfortable with that. 
  • These images can be great for showing off a tattoo you love! 
  • Sheets fit everyone! Every shape and size can be flattered with photos featuring just you and a sheet. 

Want more boudoir wardrobe inspiration? 

There are lots of ways to get more inspiration like following lingerie brands on Instagram. My personal favorite ways to get more lingerie inspiration for your boudoir shoot are signing up for my email list or joining the Franz with Benefits Facebook group where we share weekly wardrobe finds! 

Remember, as long as what you bring fits you properly, you are going to have an AMAZING session. Your boudoir session is about YOU and so all you really need to bring is yourself. 

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