Keith & Noelle

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Noelle and Keith are going to be seeing a lot of me this summer! Not only did I get to photograph their engagement session, I also get to photograph their wedding AND another wedding where Noelle will be a bridesmaid. Let’s just say… I am not mad about it! These two are a joy to be around!! 

Like most couples, they were a little nervous about their engagement shoot but once we got rockin’ and rolling they were total pros!!! When I sent Noelle a few sneak peaks the morning after our session, her comment was “I’m so in love. It’s the best feeling ever.” Just to be extra clear, she is NOT talking about her photos (although she was pleased with those too, hehe). She was talking about Keith. These two lovebirds are just so head over heels for each other. 

They are goofy and filled with love. And it is somehow my job to hang out with them?!?! BEST JOB EVER! I even got an EXTRA bonus when they brought out their beautiful husky named Balto. Y’all KNOW I love when a new fur baby gets to be part of my day!! Three-year old Balto was a perfect gentleman with STUNNING eyes. 

I am so excited for the next few months because they will include a lot more of Keith and Noelle!! 

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