Jon & Jessie’s New York City Engagement

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Jon & Jessie

A New York City Engagement

I was a junior in college and I was an R.A. We were required to help the freshman move in and at some point during that day, this sweet brunette with bangs and an accent from Ashland, KY arrived to move in and I was there to help. That was the first day I met Jessie. We ended up in the same sorority, sitting right next to each other in choir, and sharing a lot of crazy college friends. Flash forward a few years and Jessie has become an amazing woman living in New York City with Jon.

Jon and Jessie met in Kentucky and dated for about two years before deciding to move to NYC. They had not lived together. They actually had a somewhat long-distance relationship up until that point. Jessie told me she knew going through a big life change like moving to NYC would quickly show them that either the relationship was not meant to last or could withstand anything. Spoiler alert: they’re strong AF.

They are happily living life in the big apple together with their long-legged dog who could not be sweeter. They constantly are making each other laugh. Coming to NYC for their engagement session meant getting to hang out which included a sunrise session on the Brooklyn Bridge and an adventure through Chinatown looking for the perfect place to enjoy dinner together.

These two cuties are coming home to KY to tie the knot and we are so excited to be a part of it!

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  1. Linda says:

    I would LOVE to shoot a portrait session in NYC. The ones on the bridge are my favourite shots.

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