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Growing up is scary, weird, and often a whole lot of fun. I will be 30 before ya know it and there are days where that feels appropriate and there are days where that feels INSANE and my life is way too much of a mess for me to be a bonafied 30-year old adult. If you ever feel like that, I can tell you a sure way to feel immediately humbled… go visit a friend your age that just started a family!! 

Jami and I are friends from college and she just gave birth to this beautiful little man named Knox. He was just about a week old when I met him and what amazed me most was how comfortable Jami and her husband are with this little life. You would think they have been around a newborn ever day for a year! I am sure they were secretly exhausted, but the three of them looked happy, healthy, and so in love during every minute of my visit. 

I am ESPECIALLY new to newborn photography. I typically do not shoot indoors and I am pushing myself to grow in that area. I do not have a kiddo of my own so I am at all times amazed by the newbie parents who are already rockstars at the amazing challenge they have taken on. Newborns can be unpredictable which makes the sweet moments even more sweet. I love getting to be welcomed into someone’s home and capture moments in the place they will be making a lot of new memories in. Every little piece of a nursery seems to have a story or be a gift from a loved one and that means every photo is bound to be a winner. 

Check out pictures of Knox and what do you notice?! THIS KID WAS AWAKE FOR EVERY SINGLE PHOTO! He is a newborn that stayed wide awake (and pretty happy) for about three hours. He was so incredibly alert. He made so much eye contact, I almost felt like I was invading his privacy!! His momma is wicked smart and my bet is Knox is destined for big things! 

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  1. Mylah Renae says:

    What a sweet session! I love their signs AND that they have their fur-baby in a couple, too!

  2. Amanda says:

    Well done! The details really make it:)

  3. Carmen says:

    You did an awesome job!

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