Sweet Little Terrance

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I have been teaching at UK for about three years now. During my second year as a graduate student, I got a TA position. This position was a total blessing because it helped pay for my education, allowed me to return to teaching (which I love), and I got to know the faculty within the department a lot more. While they are all wonderful, quirky, and talented, Rachel is just simply a rockstar. I could go on and on about her professional accolades, but just take my word on it. During my first year teaching, she was kind, funny, and encouraging. She was all of these things while battling cancer. 

Her cancer battle was far from easy, but she did it. And around this time two years ago she was ready to celebrate with family photos including her dog Wilson. It still feels like I am just getting started with photography, but I have had the opportunity to take photos here and there for a few years now. I was just getting the hang of my camera at the time, but I got the chance to take photos of Rachel, Steven, and Wilson out at a Christmas tree farm. We all had a lot of fun and it was one of the first times I got to walk into someone’s home a few months later and see photos I had taken being displayed. That felt incredibly special to me. 

Rachel is crazy like me about her dog. Wilson was 100% part of the family. To paint a crystal clear picture, I’ve attended a birthday party for Wilson. Very unexpectedly, Wilson passed away about a year ago and I knew Rachel and Steven were both devastated. They decided not to do photos last year for the holidays because it was simply too hard to do them without Wilson. 

Flash forward several months and Rachel’s sister calls to tell her she has found the perfect dog… in Arizona. On a huge leap of faith, Rachel flew out to Arizona to bring their new family member home. She brought Terrance home. It has been awesome to see photos posted of Terrance snuggling and loving on his new family. They were ready for holiday photos again this year and I was ready to meet the new pup!! 

Check out our fun holiday session including doggie sweaters, hats, bowties, and scarfs! And treats… looooots of treats. 

I do not feel like this story would be complete without a special Wilson tribute from our session two years ago. He had a great doggie life and I know he is still missed. Yes… I am tearing up and he is not even my dog. RIP little buddy. 

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  1. Amanda says:

    What a little cutie! Great job!

  2. Mylah Renae says:

    What a cute family! Fur babies are such a huge part of family!

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