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Over the next five days, I am going to share some of my favorite tools that help me live that hustle life while dream chasing! I currently work a full time job as a special events manager for Parks and Recreation, a part time job teaching at the University of Kentucky, and run a photography business. There is no way to pull that off without great systems and AMAZING tools to help stay organized, maximize effeciency, and GET PAID! 

First up, DUBSADO! It is a made up word, but it is legit! Investing in Dubsado has been a complete game changer for me!!! If you are still trying to keep up with a bunch of spread sheets to track clients, payments, and appointments, you are wasting time. Trust me. 


  • Easy way to track revenue and expenses (quickbooks integration coming soon) 
  • Amazing client experience for updated invoices and contracts
  • Wonderful options for automation 
  • OUT OF THIS WORLD customer service
  • Cheaper than the competitors

I basically cannot say enough good things about Dubsado. It is known as a “client management” option and that means it helps you run your business. I do basic bookkeeping, invoices, client communications, contracts and more all right in one place. My favorite feature is “workflows.” Workflows allow you to automate a LOT. For example: there is information I need to send to every gal who signs up for a boudoir shoot. She signs up, I set the “boudoir workflow” and away we go. It sends a questionnaire, an initial email, reminds me when it is time to send a little treat two weeks before the session, and sends more emails along the way based on dates I have set. Ladies can jump on and chip away at their invoice at any time. My beautiful boudoir babes get the info they need and I can still have time to write blog posts about it!! 

 Screen shot from Dubsado's website 7/26/17. 

Screen shot from Dubsado’s website 7/26/17. 

Guys… Dubsado can do a ton that I am not even using yet! It is truly incredible. It feels like having an assistant only I know I am still in complete control. 

The customer service is out of this world. Dubsado is run by a husband and wife power team who you know by first name (Becca and Jake). It is so personable it is unreal. So many creatives use this program far beyond just photographers and compared to some of the competitors, Dubsado is a financial SCORE! Other companies I tested out for similar services felt VERY aggressive in their marketing tactics and that just is not my style. Dubsado felt much more like home from day one. 

 Screen Shot from Dubsado's WEbsite 7/26/17

Screen Shot from Dubsado’s WEbsite 7/26/17

Ready to give it a shot? They have a great trial option that has NO TIME LIMITS! You are limited to how many clients you can have, but do not even have to enter a credit card. Absolutely zero risk of being suckered in to something you do not want. You can use the code “dubsadolove” to get 20% your first month or YEAR. I used my 20% off on my first year which means I currently using this amazing tool for $13.33 a month. Long gone are the days of epic google spreadsheets for keeping track of clients and financing and saving all my canned emails in the notes app on my phone. 

Time is everything when you have a side hustle. This tool saves me so much time that I could never imagine going back to living without it!! 

Hey Becca & Jake, thanks for helping us hustlers do what we do!!! 



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