Ben & Veronica

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If a couple had to get married on the hottest Saturday of the year, I am so glad it was Ben and Veronica! These two are just the happiest people you’ve ever met. After our engagement session, I realized that these two basically smile and laugh non-stop. My proof of that is in the photos! I knew going in to wedding day that Veronica would be a wonderful bride, but OH MY GOSH she was the calmest bride of all time. 

We started off the day at Ben and Veronica’s NEW HOME in Carrollton, KY with her sweet dog and awesome gal pals. Every one hung out, drank strawberry lemonade, and got glammed up! The groom thought ahead and purchased little mini electric fans for everyone so all the girlies basically just concentrated on NOT letting their makeup melt off on the 97 degree day. And off to the venue we go! 

Nestled in the woods near the Ohio river, Ben and Veronica got to see each other for the first time on wedding day in the middle of a beautiful wooden bridge. Rocking her monogrammed converse chucks and epic smile, we had loads of fun getting some swooshy wedding dress shots even though it was a tad warm outside. Throw in some wedding party shots (including the boys showing off their funky socks) and everyone was ready for a break. What better place is there to take a break on a hot day than a walk in freezer!! We all totally lucked out and there was an empty walk in freezer available at the venue. 

Even the ceremony was filled with laughter and joy. They partied out to “Hawaiian Roller Coaster” from Lilo and Stitch (check out the video at the top of the page if you need a reminder of how fun that song is) and on to the reception! Cake and cupcakes lovingly made by the bridesmaid were enjoyed by everyone, then some funky dancing, and we finished it all off with a sparkler send off! 

Marriage is tough. It is a lot of work and sadly, it does not always work out. However, I have NO DOUBT these two are the real deal. It is insane how much they make each other smile and laugh almost like they have their own little language. Good luck to Ben and Veronica with their new home, new jobs, and NEW MARRIAGE!! 

 Sometimes, the ring is just too much! 

Sometimes, the ring is just too much! 

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