Side Hustle Sidekicks: Treat Yo’ Self

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In this series, I have been sharing some of my favorite tools that help me balance my tasks, keep track of my business, and stay motivated. But, you need to have some fun too!!! 

This is a picture of fun waiting for me on my doorstep. Sparkle Hustle Grow is a monthly subscription box that comes packed with goodies target for female entrepreneurs. It is basically a box filled of my favorite things: books, office supplies, online trainings, and snacks. WHHHHAAAAT? What more could you want in life?! 

The books are likely my favorite part. I have so loved having a inspiration book ready to go with absolutely no stress of picking on out. I have been TEARING through books this year and your subscription comes with access to the Facebook group which includes a monthly book study! 

With a new, small business every penny counts. I budget quarterly and am constantly in a balancing act between how much work I can handle versus the equipment I need to invest in. Sometimes, you just have to make fun a priority too. That is what these boxes are to me. They are fun, color, education, and often actually super handy! Some of my favorite goodies besides the books have included:

  • an online Pinterest training
  • super cool lint roller from Flint (which is like gold in a house with two dogs and a cat). Plus, it looks so much nicer than the average roller so I can easily sneak it in my camera bag. Check out a photo of these cuties below. 
  •  backup battery that I slip in my camera bag and take to weddings just in case
  •  handy dandy cord organizers from Poppin that I have used at home and at work
  •  pack of to-go brownies from Goodie Girl Cookies!! These bad boys are even gluten free. 
  •  brightly colored luggage tag to help us grab and go on all our amazing journeys! 

 Images from  @SparkleHustleGrow  on IG  

Images from @SparkleHustleGrow on IG  

So, it makes me happy AND it is pretty useful. There is a reason they use #BestBusinessExpenseEver!!! You can sign up, take a month off, or cancel any time. If you are are ready to give it a try, click here and be sure to let me know what you think! Know a hustler that needs a little color and fun? These make great gifts too!!! 

Maybe you already have a subscription box you already love?! Please tell me about it in the comments!!! 

 This has GOT to be the coolest lint roller you've ever seen?! Image from

This has GOT to be the coolest lint roller you’ve ever seen?! Image from

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