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I am a firm believer in continuously reading. Business books, philosophy, young adult fiction…whatever the category reading is beneficial to your brain and sets you up for whatever adventure you would like to take. My adventure of choice…business building, baby!! I started really digging in to “business” books about two years ago. Some where about marketing, others focused on finances, while some really delved in to mindset. I TORE THEM UP. And even though I loved the content I was being exposed to, I began to feel burnout. I decided to take a few months off from business books and now I am ready to dig back in with the goal of one book per month.

Here is the long and the short of it… reading a business-based book allows you to learn DIRECTLY FROM THE BEST for less than $20 a pop. If you are building a business or trying to run your life better, you simply cannot afford to pass that up. I am going to share 12 books today (one for each month of the year). They will be a mixture of books I have read and loved and then books I am looking forward to reading this year.

Here is a quick list of some of my all time favorites so far:

Getting Things Done: Focusing on a method of task management, few books have changed my day-to-day life as much as this book. The promise: you will create a system to focuses on you not having the same thought twice. Ladies and gentleman, if you were like me and you lay awake at night stressed you are forgetting something or you tell yourself to remember the same thing 20 times, you need this book! Check out this blog post for more info on how I implemented the GTD system.

Quitter: I love all the books by this author; Jon Acuff. He writes in a conversational way and his words just hit home with me. This particular book is for those who have a full time job other than the business they are building. It really reframed how I look at this chapter of my life. Other great books by Jon Acuff include Start and Finish.

Total Money Makeover: You are not going to make it in business if you do not know how to handle your money. This book is probably the second most impactful book I have ever read. I firmly believe every single person should read this book as soon as they begin working full-time.

Rich Dad Poor Dad: Most of the time when I read books, I would just love to know the author in real life. I actually do not feel this way about this book, BUT the content really helped me see the difference between how wealthy people approach money versus people looped in a cycle of struggle. You want to change? This is a good book you need to be exposed to.

You Are a Badass: Even though I love helping women feel like badasses, the title of this book turned me off for a long time. It sounded too hokey for me! But honestly, I find myself pondering concepts from this book a lot. You have likely heard people talk about manifesting and it is something I still struggle with (a lot). But I do not the many of the most successful people believe in and practice manifesting so there is certainly something too it! Plus… the author is just hilarious and super relatable.

How to Win Friends and Influence People: if you have not read this book, this needs to be #1 on your list. This is something I think we should have every high school student read. It focuses on how to treat people well AND get what you want. Winner!! Believe it or not, this book was originally published in 1936. But, do not let that scare you. It is an uncomplicated read which could not be more relevant to life today.

And now on to the next six books I am excited to read:

Now it is time for you to make some commitment. What do you want to learn next? Pop the title of the next book you WILL read in the comments below!

Need a few more titles to choose from? Check out my previous post: 17-Must Reads for Dreamers and Hustlers

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  1. Dylan says:

    Ok – so this article came at a really good time for me. I have realized I need to make same changes in my life and I’m totally taking your advice and adding a few of these to my reading list.
    I definitely recommend Who Moved My Cheese. It was required reading in my first year experience class my first year of undergrad. I actually think it’s time to pull that one back out and reread. I’m at a completely different point in my life (I mean, I started undergrad more years ago than I would really like to think) and can approach this book with a totally different perspective. I am horrible with change on a personal level. Ironically, I handle and implement change at work really well but struggle in my personal life. I need to get better with that in 2019.
    Ok. You got me pumped. I’ve got this.

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