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There are really no bad reasons to have your photos taken. Some people do it to remember their kids at a certain age while others do it to celebrate a special event. Some people decide to have their photo taken just to celebrate being here! Why not?! 

Alex and I met in college and sang in choir together at Transylvania University (yes, it is a real place). I actually met him before he came to college on the day he came to audition for a music scholarship. I was a music major in my undergrad and had volunteered (or maybe I was required, I cannot remember) to help out on audition day. Alex is one of those people who can give off a cloud of happiness around him that you are immediately drawn to. Flash forward more years than I care to admit, now Alex is studying for his Master’s degree in Gastronomy in Boston and was ready to celebrate some happiness in front of a camera while he was back in Kentucky for Christmas vacation. 

We pulled up to our first location to see a rainbow in the background! Look carefully in the photos near the lake and you can see it too. It is borderline strange how pumped I get about rainbows!!! From the rainbow to the epic light on the rooftop where we finished our session, Alex and I had a blast both celebrating where we are in life so far! 

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  1. Mylah Renae says:

    For someone who carries a "Cloud of Happiness" – the rainbow was just perfect for him!

  2. Desarae says:

    Definitely one of your best shoots so far!!

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