Cameras don’t add ten pounds… photographers do.

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Boudoir photography is for all shapes and sizes. I know people say that and if you struggle with loving your body you’re thinking, “Sure. I know I CAN do it, but why in the world would I WANT to?!” There are 5 things I really want you to know about doing a boudoir session with me and becoming an FP Boudoir Babe. 

5 Things I Want You To Know

Cameras do not make people look bigger, but a bad photographer certainly can.  A client from a previous session shared that she was worried that the images would capture the (perceived) flaws in her body and make her MORE self-conscious. That is basically how I feel every time someone takes my photo even when fully clothed so this is something I think most women feel. We are constantly told “the camera adds ten pounds” but a really incredible photographer named Jen Rozenbaum kicks that old saying to the curb. She taught me that the camera is not the culprit, it is the photographer. IT IS SUPER TRUE. And I am not going to do that to you;) 

Lingerie is not what makes you beautiful. When you sign up to be an FP Boudoir Babe, you will get a custom lingerie guide from me to talk you through some great idea of items to bring so we can flatter your shape and get a lot of variety in your photos. This is ALWAYS a stressful component for most women and I am here to tell you…it doesn’t matter. Some of my favorite images of all time have been girls in t-shirts or hoodies. I am not a fashion photographer. Whether these photos are for a partner or just you, the lingerie is not my focus. YOU are what this is all about. 

Absolute every body type can be flattered. It is easy to look at the images I can publically share and think, “Well, of course THEY look good!” That’s fair, they are models and they do look incredible. However, I have had boudoir babes of many sizes. I have had ladies that hated their tummies because of stretch marks after making awesome children. I have had ladies that dislike their thighs or tushies. Guess what? They are happy clients. I have spent a lot of time learning and practicing how to flatter a woman’s shape. I am not going to “photoshop” you. You are beautiful as you are and I am hell bent on showing you that. 

It would be really weird if you were NOT nervous.  Even if we know each other personally, you probably have not spent much time laying on a bed while I have a camera in my hands. It is not a normal thing so you should not feel normal about it. I think overcoming the nerves is one of the things that makes our session together so powerful. You will be a badass fear conqueror AND look super hot. Sound’s like a good day, right? When you come in, you get to start with hair and makeup which many girls says is super relaxing. After that, we typically start with your least revealing outfit (lots of gals start in t-shirts or robes) and then we work from there. 

You are in control, but I will take the lead. We will not do a single thing you are uncomfortable with. I can’t share your photos. They do not go in my portfolio or on my Instagram account. The ONLY person I need to impress is you and so you are in total control. But, I am going to take care of you. I will help you pick out outfits if you brought several. I will pose every single inch of you from fingers to toes. Ask a past client and most will tell you I after jump on the bed or roll on the floor just to demonstrate what pose I am asking for. The pressure is on ME, never you. All you have to do is show up! 


In truth, I feel like there is so much more that I want to tell you about doing a boudoir shoot, but instead I want to share some responses I have had from previous clients. After the responses you will see photos of the B-E-A-UTIFUL Ashley and our fun session together. She was a total rockstar. Want to see more example, make sure you check out my post from my previous session. and more about why I decided to do this in the first place. 

It is completely unlike me to take my clothes off in front of anyone, much less have someone catch a permanent image of it, but for some reason I decided to give this crazy idea a shot. Some unexpected things have happened over the last couple years and I was looking to do this for me, the help me find myself again, I guess you could say. I have 2 young kids that are only a year apart and a very demanding job. As the big day grew closer my nerves began to get the best of me and I debated on going through with it- I was actually afraid the images would capture the flaws I see with my body and only make me more self-conscious but I did it and I am so glad that I didn’t give in. From the time I arrived I feel like my nerves were left at the door. The ladies that handled hair and makeup were great and super sweet and Michelle buzzing around being her bubbly self and just chatting away like its no big deal that I was about to take my clothes off was just what I needed- not awkward for them so why should it be awkward for me? I had a wonderful time during the session. Michelle helped me choose from the outfits I brought and we laughed and cut up the entire time. I was actually sad when it was over. When I got my photos back I was blown away. The images looked so natural and like this was a completely normal thing for me to do. It is definitely what I needed to help me find some much needed confidence in myself. I had a blast and I have a feeling I may even do it again! “


“A boudoir session was something I had always wanted to do, but I had never had the confidence to try. I had known Michelle a little before the photo shoot and I will tell you I only had the guts to do this because it was her taking the photos. I still came in with some nerves. I worried I would look horrible in all the photos or it that it would be super awkward. However, Michelle made me feel extremely comfortable and all my insecurities melted away! She is so kind, fun, and energetic! Plus, she knows how to make you look great in every picture. I absolutely loved my photos from Michelle..and I never usually like pictures of myself!!! My advice for any lady considering doing a boudoir session is to go with Michelle and have fun with it!”


“First of all, advice I would give to future girls is to not be afraid to let their sexy side come out… which is hard when you only save that kind of stuff for the bedroom! I think that the hair and makeup included definately helps calm some nerves and gave me more confidence!! Also, starting out in a comfy sweater and saving the risky stuff for last helped a lot too!!! Lastly, you are pretty amazing to work with. You focused on the area I felt most comfortable with and felt was my best feature, which was my booty! you are also so relatable and it is obvious you will do anything to make your customers happy. Every picture I have is beautiful and tasteful. The girls I have shown all rave about how amazing they look and gives them confidence to want to do it themselves because of how beautifully they turned out and how happy I am with them. I cannot yet comment on my fiancée response, but I know he is going to love them! Also, it is obvious you have done your homework with lighting and posing. That was another thing that helped me was you told me exactly what to do and my two most favorite photos, if I HAD to pic, were both your creative thinking!!

I would tell a girl to do something like this for all these reasons, plus the fact that I can genuinely say this shoot increased my confidence, made me feel sexy and I’m so glad I decided to it. It is also good motivation to get toned and take care of your body if you have the time .” 


“It’s so easy to stand in front of a mirror and find things wrong: stretch marks, thighs that touch, cellulite, I could keep going, but it’ll defeat my point ? I had been so afraid to do a session because I thought the camera would intensify every single one of those flaws. The session was just the opposite though! YOU used the camera remind me that even though I am not the size 7 I was 13 years ago or even the 10 I was two years ago, I am still beautiful.

As a mother, the session was also a nice timeout.”




Still have questions? Check out some more blog posts feature info and boudoir photos! 

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  1. Mylah Renae says:

    The black and white moody shot is my favorite! The body suits are awesome on her!

  2. Carmen says:

    These photos are fabulous and this girl is hot as hell! I’m going to save up my pennies so I can book a shoot!

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