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Carvel and Ashley are basically just the dream team. They are a husband a wife duo that run a pottery story in downtown Winchester, KY. Winchester is a unique place and I have spent the better part of the last decade working their for their Parks and Recreation Department. In 2015, a group got together to pull of a Better Block Project (seriously, click on that link and check out how awesome these projects are). Ashley and I met during that process and at the time, they were just getting ready to open the downtown storefront for Dirty South Pottery

During that Better Block event, Nick secretly coordinated with Carvel and Ashley to use their outdoor rooftop space for his PROPOSAL! I almost refused to go because I was in a line for a BBQ sandwich and I had not eaten all day, but he convinced me to go through their store and up the stairs for a moment I will never forget. 

Many of these photos were taken in that same space, but WOW has it changed! These do make Pinterest look bad! I joked with Ashley during our session that they might be the best people I have ever met at actually following through with projects. Raise your hand if you have projects 80% finished somewhere is your house;) You can get a sneak people about what I am talking about in a blog post Ashley wrote to give you A Glimpse of Main Street Living. 

These two hustle hard, love on their community, and always seem to be able to make each other smile. Oh yeah, and did I mention they are both BEYOND talented?! 

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  1. Mary L. Manning says:

    I am so proud of you two.

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