Kentucky Wedding at Ashford Acres

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The 2017 Franzetti Photography wedding season has begun! It feels like a huge understatement to say I have a lot riding on this chapter in my life. In my mind, this wedding season seems like it will be the make or break moment for my photography business. I am pretty hell bent on making it! One reason I feel like I can even try making this wild dream come true is because of brides like Brandi. I have known Brandi since she was a kiddo because I went to high school with her older sister. She and her sister and different in a lot of ways, but they are both SO full of life, laughter, and are two of the most genuine gals you could hope to meet. It was so nice to walk in to my first wedding of the season and have several friendly faces around me. 

The girls got ready at Ashford Acres. This beautifully remodeled estate is located in Harrison County and is beyond lovely. The staff is extremely accommodating and every room was filled with beauty. Everyone got dolled up and then the first looks began! 

There are lots of reasons to get emotional the first time a Dad sees his daughter as a bride, but this one really got to me. Brandi’s father has been fighter for his life for the past few years. His incredible strength immediately shined through when he saw Brandi, and immediately started encouraging her and trying to make her laugh. Meanwhile the rest of us just let the happy tears roll down our faces. 

The timeline of the day ended up getting a tad squished as they often do and we did not get much time to take photos. I could have shot photos of these two cuties at this stunning location for days if I had it my way, hehe. But, we rolled with the slow, captured great images, and made sure to get them to the cermoney on time! 

For all of Brandi’s vivaciousness, Casey is the perfect balance with his calm nature. He will be her rock and looks at her with all the love in the world. Both of them spent their special day surrounded by loving family and fun friends. Their wedding was beautiful and I am so humbled to get to be a part of it! 

I love to ask my couples to share a little relationship wisdom. Brandi had the BEST response and I want to share it with everyone.

 “You should find the person that you don’t keep score with (who washed the dishes last, who did the laundry last, etc.) because it’s about teamwork and being with someone that holds you up as much as you hold them up.”

Brandi and Casey, thank you for trusting me with your day! You are the BEST beginning to this wedding season! 

Florist | Flower Depot

Cake | Confused Confections

Hair & Makeup | Mary Carole Brown

Getting Ready Venue | Ashford Acres

Wedding Venue | Oasis Productions

Everyone in her family has been through a lot to get to this moment. The moment was so emotional and beautiful. 

 Nothing beats the face of a groom seeing his bride for the first time. 

Nothing beats the face of a groom seeing his bride for the first time. 

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