Three Under Five

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Warning: looking at photos of this beautiful family may result in baby fever. 

I am falling in love with newborn sessions. The first time I was asked to do a newborn session, I excitedly said yes, but in my head I was completely freaking out. I have not had a baby so obviously I believe babies are the most breakable little peanuts on the planet. Oh… I refer to babies as peanuts a lot 🙂 Flash forward multiple newborn sessions and I am completely loving the special moments that happen during these sessions. I am invited in to this totally precious time in a family’s life and it is the best. 

This family in these photos is obviously beyond beautiful. Mamma Erin is undoubtedly a wonder woman. These three sweet girls are all under the age of five and her house is dreamy. On top of all that, she spends every day motivating women to love themselves and live healthy lifestyles. She is a coach through Beachbody and is one of the best I have seen. She does so much for women regardless of if they want to purchase any product. She gives away rockin’ recipes and is always there to give you a pep talk. I loved getting to spend time with them and Erin even made me a delicious healthy shake for the road! 

Every photographer is different. During a session, I like to focus on the family connection. Instead of props, I like to fill photos with smiles and tiny toes. It is so sweet to see parents and siblings interact with a new babe! I love doing sessions in the family’s home because we can try to capture them as they really are during this chapter of their life. Extra bonus: new mama does not have to worry about packing anything up! 

Newborn sessions take patience. They can last between 1-3 hours and we are 100% on baby’s schedule. The main truth is we just have to roll with the flow, but there are some things a new fam can do to be ready for a great newborn session. 

  • Bump up the temperature a bit. If you are comfortable, little peanut is probably a bit chilly when not wrapped up. 
  • A sleepy baby is the best baby. Try giving a full feeding before our session and do you best to keep babe away for 90 minutes before we plan to start shooting. Again, the baby is in charge so this may or may not happen and that is totally okay. 
  • Sh*t happens. Extra outfits for everyone is always a really good plan, especially if you plan on having those nakey little tushy shots. 
  • When picking out cloths, neutral colors do really well on camera and give an overall softer appearance to the photos. It is great for everyone to coordinate with each other and the area  in which we will be shooting.  
  • If possible, try to make sure shots are scheduled at least 48 hours before our session. Sometimes they can make little peanut a little more fussy. 

Enjoy some images of the cutest sister snuggles I think I have ever seen! 


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