F*ck that noise.

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“You’re a pornographer.”

Yup. That has actually been said about me. Maybe you have even thought it in the back of your mind. And to be honest when I first heard it, I thought I could totally see why someone would think that. I thought, “Michelle, you knew people thinking that about you was a risk and you just need to accept it.” Do you want to know what I think now?


It hurt to hear those words and I don’t deserve it. I do not want to pretend like I am some sort of victim and complain that people just do not understand. I am a badass photographer who helps women feel like rockstars and I want to tell you exactly why what I do through boudoir is not pornography. 

It is for HER!

What I do is specifically centered around the subject of the photos. It is all about the bombshell lady that I get to cheer on, glam up, and help her see her own beauty. Sure, she might share her own photos with other people, but that is not WHY we did it. I always say that I am actually love the shoot itself more than the final product. I want the gals to love their photos, but more than anything I want those photos to always remind them how confident and beautiful they felt during our shoot. And yeah, THEY ARE ALLOWED TO FEEL SEXY TOO! Pornography is created for the audience, not the subject. I really don’t feel like I should have to go in to too much explanation on the purpose of porn having NOTHING to do with making the women feel great about themselves. 

It is emotional, not sexual. 

This type of photography can bring confidence and healing. I have had women come for a shoot after a rough divorce or intense illness. Session after session I meet women who are trying to feel good about themselves while adjusting to the changes to their body after having a baby. I’ve know other photographers who have helped women who have had to survive mastectomies or having their uterus removed. We help women feel like women. That means different things to different ladies, but we are there to help them find it. I am not sure I have heard of anyone seeking out porn for an emotional experience. 

It is a treasure, not a cheap thrill. 

Yes, some women share their photos with a partner. But, unlike porn these photos are a gift that someone will treasure. A gift like that is an act of vulnerability and confidence all at the same time. These are not disposable, they are one of a kind. These photos help remind both partners of the healthy and sexual side of their relationship. There is NOTHING healthy about porn. 

Nudity ≠ Pornography.

I actually shoot photos of nudity very rarely. Until recently, I think I stayed away from it in fear that it would be crossing some line. Again… FORGET. THAT. NOISE. Nudity can be beautiful, soft, and romantic. Nudity can be empowering! A woman being natural and nude is not equivalent to the absolute production of falsehood that takes place in pornography. Nudity has been a part of artistic expression for as long as we have been creating. 


And last but not least, there is love in what I do. I love watching women come in nervous and leave feeling like they can conquer the world. There is love in what these gals see in themselves after the shoot. There is love when a partner might receive these photos as a gift. That partner doesn’t just see an ass that won’t quit. They see a great ass AND the lady they love. Pornography is about lust at best. 


So, take a look at the photos below and think about what you see. Do you see something that is overly sensual, unrealistic, and based on instant gratification? I sure don’t. I see a beautiful woman that brought her best friend with her to the shoot so they could have fun cheering each other on and finding love for their beautiful strong bodies. I see a girl who is brave and smiles a lot. I do not see an object, I see a PERSON and that is why I am not a pornographer. 

So maybe now you believe me, but you are not 100% sure you are ready to sign up? Let me dispel some of the top myths I hear women tell themselves about being ready for boudoir and 5 Things I Really Want You To Know. 

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  1. Nick Peacock says:

    Love this post! The portraits are very timeless, elegant and not porn-ish at all! Keep up the amazing work!
    Nick P.

  2. Caitlin T. says:

    These photos are amazing and beautiful! Empowering women is so important. Women are never objects…they are fierce beings that have always withstood the test of time.

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