Unpopular Opinion…2016 Rocked.

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This year was not the best year for our beloved celebrities, but I have to admit it was a pretty good year for me and I want to celebrate!!! 2016 was the year I decided I needed to say my dream out loud. Sure, that does not sound that scary especially if you know me personally and know I say a LOT of things out loud that most people would not;) Saying you want to be a photographer is CRAZY FRIGGIN’ SCARY! 

First off, there are a MILLION photographers basically right here in Lexington. There are not just a lot of photographers, there are a lot of really really really great photographers. They are wonderful people who create amazing images and are good people at heart. Secondly, I have no formal education in photography. I love school… full on embracing my nerd status. I currently teach for the University of Kentucky and I am so thankful I get to be around academia because I love school THAT much. If you want to do something with your life, you go to school for it, take an unpaid internship, and then work your way up the ladder. That’s just how it always worked in my mind and all of a sudden I am chasing a dream in a way that completely obliterates that way of thinking. 

I said my dreams out loud to a respected coworker many months ago and he responded, “Really? There is no way that will make you happy. You are too smart for that.” WHAT?! Yes, it was a kind thing for him to say and was certainly meant as a compliment, but for some reason many people have a disconnect between business-type intelligence and artistic skill. It is no secret which one is typically valued more. Here I am contemplating this crazy dream that seems scary and risky and someone else views it as this easy thing that couldn’t possibly keep me satisfied. 

The more opportunities I have had with photography, the more I am convinced that I am so happy and incredibly challenged while chasing this dream. I get to meet and hang out with amazing people. I get to deliver images that help them remember a special time in their life or makes their self-esteem skyrocket. Doing this full-time would allow me to design my own schedule and have more control over so many aspects of my life. People typically have a photographer around on their BEST DAYS! My fiance and I do all our wedding jobs together and so I get to spend time around the person I love around a bunch of other people who love each other. What is not to love about a job like that?! 

New Years is exciting! I know it can feel clich√© sometimes, but take advantage of any reason to get even more motivated. Saying my dreams out loud helped so much so I want to share a few of my goals in writing: 

  • Book ten weddings and make each one a HOME RUN: I decided I would limit to 10 weddings so I can make sure I do a fantastic job on every single on of them. Guess what? Six of those ten spots are already booked and it isn’t even 2017 yet!!! 
  • Get 1000 followers on Instagram: There are a million ways to market yourself, but IG is super awesome for photographers. I want to share my photos and my story so I book clients that I will love and will love me right back. Follow me @m_franzetti for all the fun! 
  • Get published ANYWHERE: I want one of my weddings to be featured this year. Sure… if The Knot came calling that would be awesome, but I just want to be featured whether it be a local blog, a vendor blog, or a local publication. Start small, dream big. 
  • Purchase all the equipment needed for weddings: This might sound alarming if you are a bride who has already booked with me;) Do not worry, I show up ready to go BUT I am still renting a lot of the equipment I need for weddings and boudoir shoots. My goal is to use business revenue only to buy the necessary equipment to nail these events and no longer need to deal with the frustration or expense of renting. It is a long and painful list! 
  • Read one motivational book per month: No, I am not the slowest reader on the planet, but I am sure you can relate to having trouble finding time to read. I have made a list of 17 Must-Reads for Dreamers & Hustlers and I plan to rock that list this year! 

These are just a few of the measurable goals I have set for 2017. I am using a Daily Greatness Business Planner this year (it’s indescribable how much I love planners) and it had already helped me plan so much of my vision for next year including some REALLY exciting mini sessions, babies, mamas, families, boudoir babes, brides, and more. PLUS, I AM GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!!!!!!! 

I wanted to celebrate with a few of my favorite images from sessions this year and I wish I could share more (cough cough… the boudoir photos are UH-MAH-ZING but private). This was the year I committed to diving into education, seeking out mentors, working my butt off, and SAYING MY DREAMS OUTLOUD. Now 2017 is going to be the year I hit the ground running and I have big things planned. 

2017, HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Mylah Renae says:

    I love your goals and that you made them measurable! Great job! Have you looked into Two Bright Lights for submitting your weddings? They help plug photographers into a TON of wedding blogs looking for content! You may like it!

  2. Amanda says:

    A beautiful outlook on a successful year!

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