Lucas & Margaret

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If I had to really consolidate why photography makes me happy, it would come down to one simple thing: 

Joy is contagious. 

Being around joyful clients makes me happy. Photography gives me joy and that rubs off on my clients. It is a big o’ cycle of awesomeness!! Most couples start off a little nervous at an engagement session (I get it… I am actually horrified by cameras as well) and I LOVE the experience of showing them all they need to do is be themselves and love on each other. By the end, everyone is smiling and I want to race home to get some sneak peaks ready to send. 

Margaret and Lucas were just naturals! They were joyful lovebirds from the moment we started our session. Margaret has a big beautiful smile and when she gets giggling, Lucas can’t help but grin. When I look at these photos, I see two people totally in love. I see how Margaret loves to come up behind Lucas when he is sitting down at home and give him a big hug. When she has a rough day, I see how much he comforts her by giving her a sweet kiss on the forehead. Oh and twirling! This lady LOVES to twirl!!! 

We enjoyed snapping shots at lots of their favorite locations including Buffalo Trace Distillery, Victorian Square, and in Triangle Park where Lucas popped the question. I cannot wait to capture more joy and sweetness on their wedding day in November! 

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  1. Carmen says:

    Great job, Michelle! They do look very happy.

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