Ben & Veronica (My Ideal Clients)

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If you have talked to me in any way about my photography business, you have probably heard me repeatedly say, “I have the best clients!!!.” And it just keeps getting more and more true. Basically any marketing or entrepreneurial class will tell you that the first thing you need to do is decide what an ideal client looks like. That has been REALLY tough for me. What really matters the most? What can I live without? What will drive me to be a better person and a better photographer? I am far from being able to answer all of these questions, but I am slowly making progress and I know at least three things that are important to me. 

  • My ideal client really prioritizes photography. This is a tricky one when you are starting out as a photographer because your price point is lower than many others on the market. I have told several potential clients, “Do not book me because I am cheap. If that is why you are booking me, you will regret it.” I want people to book me because they want ME and what I bring to the table. If it is a wedding, they are committed to making sure their timeline allows for great photos and lots of rocking portraits. If it is boudoir or family, they are so excited to pick out the right outfit and count down the days to our time together. Cue the “I want you to want me” music. 
  • JOY! I am all about that joyful life. Your life does not have to be perfect to be perfect for me. But, I love being around people who know how to celebrate the GOOD in their life and I want to help them do it. Maybe you are pumped about someone you love, your kids, your pet, or yourself! Any way you swing it, I want to be around people ready to have some fun and feel great about their life. 
  • Trust is tricky, but so important. I am going to stand in front of you with a camera. HOW TERRIFYING IS THAT?! I know it is! It is a very vulnerable position to be in. I want clients who are willing to work towards trusting me. Trust me to pose you. Trust me to make you look awesome. Some of the best clients I have had are those who follow my work. They see the photos I take and decide, “Hey! I want that too!” The more I work, the more you are going to see proof of my ability to take care of you. If we trust each other, I know you are going to like my style and you know you are going to like the results! 

Veronica and Ben rock as ideal clients. They are two sweet and joyful lovebirds that work in a special needs classroom together. During my meeting with them, I could not believe how much we had in common. They are so down to earth and just love being with each other! They are having their wedding in July and I am so excited for it! I am excited BECAUSE of their joy! Our entire session together was filled with joy and laughter and I know their special day will be the same! 

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  1. Amanda says:

    You can totally tell these are your ideal clients! The connection really shines through! You are very lucky to have found such great couples over and over again! Happy for you!

  2. Kathy childress says:

    I love Franzetti Photography and love that she captured these two wonderful people in such a perfect way. V, these are amazing and I wish you all the best. …love…

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