Jordan & Natasha

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A few years ago, I was in graduate school for Arts Administration at the University of Kentucky. As I approached the half-way mark in the program, they offered a TA position. The second I read the announcement, I knew I had to throw everything I had at getting that ONE position. I had a Music Education undergraduate degree and I already knew that I loved to teach. The help with tuition was pretty attractive as well;) 

Amazingly, I got it! I am not going to lie to you… that first semester was terrifying. I was asked to teach a graphic design class which is scary enough, but this would be my first experience teaching at the collegiate level. Somehow, I became the luckiest person in the world that semester because I had the absolute greatest students. They were kind, gracious, and hard working. And now one of those students are getting married!!!! 

Jordan was in the first class I taught and now I get to be his wedding photographer which is just the best. I met his fiancé, Natasha, at our initial consultation and they are both such sweet as can be. I cannot wait to see these two get married next year at the Newport Aquarium!! 

More fun with more lovebirds! 



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